Langford & Chamberlayne were asked by the CH&Co’s Westminster School General Manager to quote for a replacement program of a number of Combi Ovens across a number of sites, which included the Under School, College Hall and Grant’s Refectory, a satellite kitchen to the main College Hall kitchen. This totalled five new Rational Self Cooking Centres across the three sites, and included a new Hobart AMXXS-10A dishwasher along with a bespoke fabricated cleans table for the main wash-up area in College Hall, and a Foster FHC291XM mobile heated cabinet at the Under School.

A site survey was arranged across the three different locations, and though access was not straightforward at any point, with sufficient manpower and pallet trucks, any access issues could be solved. The services required slight alteration, but only minor changes.

The work was planned to take place over the Easter and Summer holiday breaks starting at Grants, where a Rational SCC101 was installed. This involved moving an existing Rational over to one side and making adjustments to the waste along with supplying and fitting an extended power cable. The Under School was next, where a very old and very large Convotherm had to be taken apart to get it out of the kitchen, a Rational SCC201 was installed along with the Foster mobile heated cabinet.

During the summer holiday, the main body of work took place in College Hall, the 14th-century abbot’s state dining hall is one of the oldest and finest examples of medieval refectory in existence. With very narrow corridors, access was very tight, often only with millimetres to spare when removing the old Rational CombiMasters and installing the new Self Cooking Centres. In addition, a new and very large bespoke fabricated cleans table was manufactured and supplied to replace a leaking table. Due to the confines of the space, this had to be delivered in two parts and put together in the dishwashing area prior to the installation of the new hood type Hobart dishwasher.

The installation went as planned at all three sites, and the School now have the latest Rational Combi Ovens across the School, along with a new dishwasher, new cleans table, and a new Foster mobile heated cabinet.

“Langford & Chamberlayne made the installation of our new dishwasher, bespoke tabling and Combi Ovens so simple! Fantastic communication and all round customer service from the whole team was delivered from start to finish. We look forward to working with you again in the future”.

Liam Sharp
Deputy General Manager

Work Undertaken

  • Site survey to check requirements, access & services

  • Checked site for compliance with current regulations

  • Removed & safely disposed of old equipment
  • Supplied, delivered, positioned and installed the new equipment

  • Removed all waste & packaging

  • Tested & commissioned

  • Chefs training available if required