Langford & Chamberlayne have supplied St Catherine’s school for a number of years, and were asked to quote for the complete replacement of one side of the cooking line. This included very old gas solid top ovens, a 6 burner oven a grill & bratt pan. The school not only wanted to upgrade the cooking line but also to increase the production capacity.

Apart from the electrical supply, the site survey highlighted no major issues with the services. The school installed a new power supply prior to the delivery of the equipment ordered, which included an electric Rational 20 grid Self Cooking Centre, large Mareno bratt pan, gas solid top boiling tables, 6 burner oven, gas fryer and gas grill on stand. All the old equipment was disconnected and removed and the new installed. The school now have a completely new cooking line producing high quality food which will help them with a growing school well in to the future.

Work Undertaken

  • Site survey to check requirements, access & services

  • Checked site for compliance with current regulations

  • Removed & safely disposed of old equipment
  • Supplied, delivered, positioned and installed the new equipment

  • Removed all waste & packaging

  • Tested & commissioned

  • Chefs training