Langford & Chamberlayne were asked by New Beacon Prep School near Sevenoaks, after being recommended to contact us, to provide the 3rd quote for the supply and installation of two Rational SCC101 Gas Combi Ovens, along with a Falcon 6 Burner with Fan Assisted Oven. In addition, they required a quote to replace the existing flooring in the kitchen and ancillary area leading off the kitchen.

A site survey was arranged to check the services, access to the kitchen and ancillary area and to check the site was compliant with regulations. After a full and detailed quotation was provided to the school, Langford and Chamberlayne were asked to go ahead with the project immediately after the school closed for the coming Christmas holidays.

All the appliances and sinks along with the refrigeration were disconnected from the services and removed to the school hall and positioned on boards to protect the floor. The redundant combi ovens (Convotherm) along with the old 6 burner oven were removed from site and safely disposed off.

The old floor was taken up and the new floor laid. After this had been completed, the new equipment along with the equipment and sinks that had be kept in the hall were moved back in to the kitchen, re-installed, tested and commissioned.

When the Catering staff returned for the start of the new term in January, they were delighted by the work that had taken place and were looking forward to the free Chef’s training being provided for the Rationals.

Work Undertaken

  • Site survey to check requirements, access & services

  • Checked site for compliance with current regulations
  • Removed & safely disposed of old equipment
  • Moved and stored equipment being kept
  • Extended gas supply and waste, adjusted electrical supply
  • Supplied, delivered, positioned and installed the new equipment

  • Removed all waste & packaging

  • Tested & commissioned

  • Chefs training