Langford & Chamberlayne were asked by the Executive Chef Manager at Cranleigh School, a leading independent school, to quote for the updating of their existing and very dated pot wash area adjacent to the main kitchen.

In discussing this project with the Executive Chef Manager, it was recommended by Langford & Chamberlayne that the GRANULDISK MAXI would be more than adequate for the job required of it, and not only that, the school would benefit by saving Time, Water, and Chemicals.

GRANULDISK pot washing machines use Granules, water and a small amount of detergent to mechanically scrub pots and pans clean. The blasting power combined with high temperatures washes hygienically clean in a matter of minutes, using far less water, energy and chemicals than traditional pot washing methods. In short, GRANULDISK make more with less and deliver smarter, more hygienic and more environmentally and economically sustainable pot washing solutions that eliminate any need for pre-washing

The Granuldisk Maxi can clean up to 192 x 1/1 Gastronorms in 1 hour. It can save up to 90% on water consumption and 8.4L of chemical saving per day compared to manual washing in sinks (based on 1500 meals per day / 300 days per year).

A plan of works was drawn up with the Schools Estates Department, Deputy Bursar and the Executive Chef Manager, for the installation to take place over the schools summer holiday. Langford & Chamberlayne completed the strip out prior to the school replacing the old floor and drains, and lining the walls with Whiterock. Langford & Chamberlayne then supplied, delivered and installed bespoke fabricated tabling, and arranged for the installation of the Granuldisk Maxi Pot Wash. After completion of the project, full training was given to the kitchen staff and chef’s. The kitchen staff are now using the Granuldisk to its full potential, relieved that they no longer need to pre-rinse or soak the gastronorms or pans before they are spotlessly cleaned in about 2 minutes in the Granuldisk.

“I wanted to just drop you a brief line to say a massive thank you for the outstanding work achieved in our
pot wash re fit , It has made a huge difference in many ways to how we operate this section of the business, The Granuldisk machine you recommended is by far the best machine I have come across, so many others claim they can do the job but seldom deliver, however, this machine absolutely nails it. It has made the KP’S life so much easier with the no wash just scrape and put in the machine, this has massive time savings freeing them up to assist in the main kitchen supporting the chefs, and in doing so makes their job far more interesting and diverse with more training in the kitchen operation much more likely.

Once again on behalf of myself and the team thank you very much”.

Jon Smith
Executive Chef Manager
Cranleigh School
Harrison Catering services Ltd

Work Undertaken

  • Site survey to check requirements, access & services

  • Checked site for compliance with current regulations

  • Ran new waste
  • Removed & safely disposed of old equipment
  • Supplied, delivered, positioned and installed the new equipment

  • Removed all waste & packaging

  • Tested & commissioned

  • Chefs training