Langford & Chamberlayne were asked by the Secretary of Brooks’s in St James’s Street, founded in 1764, to quote for a new and updated dishwasher system. The Club wanted a system that could cope with the demands of a busy kitchen and to be able to save energy and chemicals when using the machine in quieter periods, so reducing their environmental impact.

A site survey was arranged and it was immediately obvious that the main issue was going to be access in and out of such an old building. A dated Dawson dishwasher and tabling were going to have to be dismantled and removed prior to any new dishwashing system being installed.

Langford & Chamberlayne recommended two Winterhalter PT-M Energy + pass through dishwashers be installed with a PT Twin Set connection kit along with new dirties and cleans dishwasher tabling. The PT Twin Set allows the temporary connection of two PT machines, this is specifically designed for sites that experience extreme capacity fluctuations together with peak utilisation levels.

Two identical machines that are connected at the hood take care of large quantities of wash items with double capacity at peak times. As soon as the rush is over, the hoods can be easily disconnected with one motion and washing will be continued with one machine. This avoids idle runs and saves water, detergent and power.

The Club ran new power in to the dishwashing area. The dishwashers and the new tabling were installed during the summer close down period and after all the old redundant equipment had been removed and safely disposed of.

The staff are delighted with the speed of the new machines, the better working environment and the savings being made in power, water and chemicals. Full training on the use of the machines was given prior to the Club re-opening.

Work Undertaken

  • Site survey to check requirements, access & services

  • Removed & safely disposed of old equipment
  • Extended water & waste supplies
  • Supplied, delivered, positioned and installed the new equipment

  • Removed all waste & packaging

  • Tested & commissioned

  • Training