Our journey so far

Langford & Chamberlayne was founded in 1958 by Fred Langford & Stuart Chamberlayne as a china and kitchenware supplier, this was at a time when catering choices were limited, if you wanted China you could only buy white! After the Second World War, decorated and new china designs began to be produced by the UK, but as the country was in a bad financial state almost all were exported to bring in foreign currency and help alleviate the economic situation.

Fred Langford died in 1974 and it was not long after this that John Monks & Steve Aldous joined the Company, eventually becoming the longest serving members of Staff and Directors before retiring (Steve at the end of 2013 after more than 35 years) It was during their time that the Company started to expand its customer base and to build relationships with new manufacturers and suppliers enabling us to supply a full range of catering equipment and prime cookware.

Langford & Chamberlayne moved to the second generation in 1987 when Guy Chamberlayne joined the business after a number of years in the Metropolitan Police, sadly Stuart Chamberlayne died a year later in 1988. However, the business continues to grow & move forward to this day.